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01 December 2015

A Heyer Moive and a (new to me) Heyer Short Story

According to the BAFTA website, we might all finally be getting that Heyer movie we’ve all been begging for … maybe. The Grand Sophy has never been a personal favorite of mine. If one can get past the anti-Semitism (and I can) one is still left with a rather dreary romance between ill-suited people that I simply can’t see working out in the end. I give them three years before they’re estranged and living apart.


On top of my general “meh” about the chosen novel, there’s the past work of the people involved. The writer (Olivia Hetreed) was also responsible for the dismal Wuthering Heights of a few years back that currently has a meager 48% audience score over on Rotten Tomatoes. My local film critic, who I mostly tend to agree with, wrote: “Essentially a misunderstanding of (or an inability to convey) the breathing soul of this material.” This worries me. I’d honestly rather have no Heyer adaptation than one that I’m going to have to defend when it’s indefensible.


All of this was brought home by the very timely article in the Guardian about just what liberties it’s ok for a film to take with a beloved book (a topic which never seems to get old among fans of all stripes. Let me know what your feelings are about the possibility of The Grand Sophy on film and what book you would have chosen if you were in charge. Me? I would probably have chosen Sylvester, because I think it would translate well to film and it's one of the more humorous books in my opinion.

On a much happier note, I leave you with a link to a charming short story by Heyer that I had never encountered before last week: Pursuit. Thanks to Sasha/GrowlyCub for sharing it with me!


Blogger Rachel Knowles said...

I agree, a Heyer on film would be great if it's good and very disappointing if it turns out to be one of those adaptations that you watch once and cringe all the way through it. I do like The Grand Sophy and think it might work, but it is difficult to imagine any of them on screen. I have a soft spot for Cotillion and wonder whether that would work. Freddy makes me laugh. :)

9:14 AM  

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