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16 August 2015

The Dog Fancier's Companion

Last week went off the rails for me and I missed posting. My apologies. This week, I thought I'd offer a free book to make up for it. It's not my book. It's not a friend's book, it's my favorite kind of a book, RESEARCH!

A scanned copy of my 1819 copy of The Dog Fancier's Companion.

This little magazine is a fantastic insight into the mind of dog owners of the Georgian era. It offers comments on breeds/types, advice on care (some of which is quite frightening), and a wonderful denunciation of blood sports (in case you want to be sure that such a stance is not in fact ahistorical).

"For the sake of humanity, it is to be hoped, that the cruelty exercised on the animal, had- been repented of by his master, the greater brute of the two [emphasis in original], and that there are none at present who could be guilty of a similar outrage."



Blogger Heather Boyd said...

What a great resource to have. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to read through it today!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Louisa Cornell said...

What a wonderful resource. It is good to know there were people who stood against blood sports during the Regency era. I have been gathering research on the subject to feed an idea I have for a Regency-set series

8:09 PM  

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