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25 August 2014

Family road trips - then and now

I'm at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland this week with my two-and-a-half-year-old Mélanie  (there we are above at the Member Lounge upon our arrival and below shopping on a trip  to Ashland last May). In the whirl of organizing things for the trip for myself, Mélanie, and our cats (who travel with us), I thought of what travel would be like for my characters Suzanne and Malcolm Rannoch and their children in the Regency/Napoleonic era. I realized there were actually some surprising similarities.

We drive to Ashland (it's about a six hour drive with one stop). The Rannochs do a lot of their traveling in their carriage (though they take sea voyages, just as we sometimes take airplane trips). Mélanie has a DVD player to watch in the car (purchased for our trip in May and worth every penny). Malcolm and Suzanne's have a traveling coach, rather than a post chaise that only seats two, to accommodate themselves and their two children as well probably as Malcolm's valet Addison, Suzanne's maid Blanca, and Laura Dudley, the children's nanny/governess.  The coach includes traveling chess and backgammon sets (I recently wrote a couple of scenes in my WIP in which characters used both).

Our luggage fills the trunk of the car and usually the front passenger seat. The Rannochs would have their portmanteaux and bandboxes strapped to the back of the carriage, but I'm sure they would also have bags and hampers inside with toys and refreshments for the children. Some things are univeral in any era when traveling with children. 

The Rannochs stop at posting houses to change horses roughly every fifteen miles  (they would send their own horses home at the first stop and continue with hired teams).  They would have a private parlor at the posting house where they could refresh themselves with cakes or meat and cheese or even a full meal. The adults could have coffee, wine, or ale while there would be mugs of milk for the children, Colin and Jessica. As the eccentricities of the wealthy and well-connected would probably be tolerated, I imagine they'd be able to bring Berowne the cat in with them as well. 
Mélanie and I don't need to stop for gas on our drive to Ashland as we travel in a Toyota Echo with quite good mileage, but we do stop at a Starbucks for a latte for Mummy and milk for Mel and a scone or lemon bread. And while Suzanne would be able to nurse Jessica in the carriage, Mélanie and I need a nursing break :-). Our cats, unlike Berowne, stay in the car during the break.

Of course if Mélanie and I lived in Regency England, we'd probably travel by mail coach, if we were lucky, or else the common stage. Assuming we could afford to travel at all. Still, it's fun to think of the similarities and to imagine the Rannochs on their traveling adventures as we set off on own road trip.

Do you enjoy road trips? What are your favorite travel scenes in books?

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