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22 April 2014

Net Gowns

Red Net Gown
over red underdress
I've been talking about Regency gowns on Risky Regencies for a few weeks now (Colorful, Print, Red), and I thought I'd continue to do so over here at "home" with a post about net gowns. Ok really, they're overgowns, which could have been paired with any number of different colored undergowns. The prime example is this red one c. 1810-1812.

Netting was machine made (any fiber could be used, but silk and cotton seem to be the most common) and very fine. It was popular for ballgowns and other formal attire. As you can see from the detail of the red gown, the color of the undergown chosen could make a huge difference in the appearance of the gown. 
The netting itself could be embellished with "sprigs" (as in the black example) or it could have trim, embroidery, or spangles (aka sequins) applied to it).

Detail of Red Net Gown
Shown with white underdress

Black Net Gown
embellished with yellow
over yellow undergown

Black Net Gown
Sprigged ad with lace
Double Layer Net Gown
embellished with spangles
c. 1820s

Detail of Black Net Gown

Black Net Gown
over white underdress


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