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14 November 2013

...And Then This Happened

Twitter is where I spend waaaaay too much of my time. Recently, Rose Lerner noticed that on Booklikes, the cover for Cecilia Grant’s A Gentleman Undone had suddenly been replaced by that of a scholarly work on medieval history. I thought this was hilarious and then Rose suggested a meme, and we were off to the races. 

Other participants:
Rose Lerner (I don't think anyone can beat what she did for In For a Penny).
*will add more links as I find them*

[transcript of screencapped twitter convo:
Jackie Barbosa (‏@jackiebarbosa): Well, it certainly doesn't look like anything anyone would be embarrassed to read on the subway!
Cecilia Grant ‏(@Cecilia_Grant): Maybe this will be the next trend in erotic romance covers! The scholarly look! 
Isobel Carr ‏(@IsobelCarr): So tempted. May need to make a scholarly book cover for my site.

Jackie Barbosa (‏@jackiebarbosa): I know. I was thinking of trying it on something, just for funsies.

Rose Lerner (@RoseLerner): Let's start a meme!
Isobel Carr ‏(@IsobelCarr): I suck at using GIMP, but I'm game to try.]

Here's mine. I seem to have gone in a different direction than everyone else, as I also retitled the book in an appropriately stuffy manner. And I do suck at GIMP, so I went totally old skool and did it in PAINT!

Inspiration: Marriage Law Practice in the Long Eighteenth Century by Rebecca Probert (a very pricy book I now REALLY want to read).


Blogger Helena said...

Gotta have a colon and a subtitle to make it look truly academic. I'm not going to quote the saying about why academic publications always have colons cause it's rude, but I suspect you may know it!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Isobel Carr said...

Hehehe. The colon is SOOOO not optional.

8:02 AM  

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