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25 March 2013

Research Mecca

Last weekend I was up in Portland with Delilah Marvelle and Jenn LeBlanc working on a cover shoot (yes, Illustrated Romance now has period accurate stock photos for Georgian, Regency, and Victorian books, go get 'em!).

On top of having a great time doing that, I got to go to Powell's Books. Aside from the fact that they didn't have single copy of my books--new or used!--it's a pretty amazing place and I went a bit nuts before dialing it back. Even though I know I can find most books nowadays on either Amazon or AbeBooks, there's something about the thrill of discovery while browsing that just can't be beat.

I found a hardback copy of THE PRODIGAL RAKE (would anyone like my paper copy? I'll give it to anyone who asks for it in the comments), THE ENGLISHMAN'S CASTLE (sort of a giant love letter to the English concept of home and hearth), MAYFAIR: A TOWN WITHING LONDON (a book I've been looking for for years), THE MODE IN COSTUME (a book my mom had when I was a kid that I just couldn't pass up), and a nice copy of Katie Hickman's DAUGHTERS OF BRITANNIA which I somehow didn't own already (this is where I love having all my books listed on GoodReads, as it makes it easy to check my library on the fly).

Do you have any favorite bookstores you want to recommend? Is there one in Atlanta that I just can't miss when we're there for RWA this summer? And don't forget to ask for my extra copy of THE PRODIGAL RAKE if you'd like it. It's really quite an amusing memoir.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am definitely interested in The Prodigal Rake, but I am also in Australia, which may make it out of the question...

In Melbourne, I love Rendezvous the Romance Bookshop, not least because Mirna can always tell you what book you want to read today. For second-hand, Penny Sybers is wonderful, and also has two excellent bookshop cats.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Landra said...

I have a favorite in my local area called The Friendly Bookstore. I love shopping there because a. I can request books I'm looking for and b. all the proceeds go to the local library. They use the money to fund special events.
Also, all books are donated so essentially you could buy a bunch of books, donate them back and go buy more. :)

I'd love a copy of The Prodigal Rake if 17catherine's is unable to receive in Australia.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Louisa Cornell said...

Unfortunately there are no bookshops in my area save for a couple of the big box stores. There are some lovely book flea markets in New Orleans and I can spend hours prowling them when I get the chance to visit the Big Easy.

There is definitely something about picking out a book and paying for it in the moment that is irresistible. I have all of my books on LibraryThing which keeps me from buying the same book twice!

Adding these to my wish list!

7:03 PM  

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