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31 December 2007

Kalen’s Pyrate Diary—Part the Thyrd

Lots of stuff going on with the Pyrate Con . . . I’ve been busy sewing and patterning and researching, and sewing some more. I finished a shirt over the weekend, did the long seams on the machine, but all the bits that show are done by hand, including the button holes and the buttons. I went with Thread Wrap Buttons, which are really quite easy to make (and they look great on the shirt!).

To make one you talk about a yard of linen thread, wax it, wrap it twenty times around something round (like a pencil) and then carefully pull it off. Then you make buttonhole knots all the way around it. The result is a stiff circle of linen, that with the addition of a shank (again made up of thread wrapped in knots) makes a killer button.

I also completed the back panel of my waistcoat (isn’t it funny that it’s pronounced wes-kit?). Here I did everything by hand. I opted for the back-lacing style, similar to the one Jonny Depp wears in Pirates of the Caribbean. Mostly this is because I like the way it looks, and I’ve become pretty adept at making hand-sewn eyelet holes over they years (they’re made with the stitch as buttonholes and the thread buttons), so it took me no time at all. I also added an arrowhead at the top of the vent. This is the first time I’ve used this stitch, and I have to say I’m pretty enamored with how it looks.

I’m really pleased with how the projects are coming along. Even though my coat fabric turned out to be a bust (what showed up was a different colour and the pattern was at least 200% larger than what was shown in the image on the website). I sent it back and started the hunt anew . . . resulting in a fab dusty rose cut velvet. So I’ll still be a pink pyrate. LOL!

For anyone interested in historical sewing techniques, I can’t recommend Vintage Sewing enough. Many of the manuals shown are actually Victorian or Edwardian, but the stitches remain the same.


Blogger Kathrynn Dennis said...

Wow, I am sooo impressed, Kalen. I can't sew a stich!

I surely, surely hope you will post your photo in costume when your outfit is finished. I can't wait to see this!

3:40 PM  

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