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16 August 2007

About Writing Rising Wind

I was raised on a battlefield. Some of my first memories are of visiting the memorial at Tu-Endie-Wei Park and wondering about the battle fought there and the men who died. The place was full of history and I loved it. The battle I am referring to is The Battle of Point Pleasant, the only battle fought in what was referred to as Dunmore ’s war. The battle was between the Virginia Militia and the united Indian nations led by Chief Cornstalk. It is of historical significance because after the English victory there was peace on the Frontier along the Ohio River . This peace allowed the colonists to come east and fight in what was to become the Revolutionary War.

I lived in Point Pleasant WV as a child so I suppose it was destiny that led me to write this story. The places I knew well, the history was part of me and the research involved led to many late nights and tired eyes. I used actual people from history and intertwined them with my characters, Connor, Carrie and her father and brother. It was not my intention to make this book into a history lesson but to represent the courage it took to build a nation. So if some of you are history majors and know that General Andrew Lewis was not in a certain place at a certain time all I can say is sorry. I loved the image of him as Connor’s mentor and placed him in time accordingly.

The accounts of the Shawnee atrocities were taken from actual historical records given by eye witnesses. It was the way of life then. It amazes me to think of the courage our forefathers possessed. It also gave me and my editors nightmares. And Connor too as you will find when you read the book. Connor is by far my favorite character to date.



Blogger Dixie Belle said...

I almost went into shock when I saw this cover. I was like "He doesn't look like an English duke"
which prompted me to get excited and read more and even go to Amazon and look it up. Wow, there's been a historical published this month that isn't set in overdone England or Scotland, but actually in America for a change! And one on the frontier at that! Not on the Texas ranch. And, no references to the "ton" and to the "inheritance". Oh, Joy! I'm buying it today!

1:17 PM  
Blogger Kathrynn Dennis said...

I like that it's set in colonial America, too, Dixie Belle.

The guy on the cover looks like Jane Seymor's co-star in Medicine Woman!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a certain amount of creative license will not go amiss, unless the story is presented as factual (which this isn't). Knowing that you lived there means you're familiar with the area, so I'll enjoy the opportunity to see it through your eyes. The book has received a couple of great reviews at Amazon. I'm looking forward to reading it.

7:07 PM  

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